We are no longer booking workshops as stand-alone services.  Workshops are now add-on services to go along with shows, performances, face painting, caricatures, and the like. 
Jumpin' Joe teaching circus skills st louis kids workshop

Examples of circus skills workshops:

  • Drop in style. Patrons come to the workshop area and try a variety of skills, stay or go when they please, best for most events

  • 2 or more hours, split into sessions of different skills, for example ball juggling, diabolo, plate spinning and stilts.  Add extra  time for participants to show off their new skills to the rest of the group.

  • A one to two hour session concentrating on just one skill.

  • Multiple day courses. These tend to be more structured and could end in a performance!

  • Ice breaker / Energizer. Start your day with a boost. Short session aimed at gaining a high level of success in the group. This type of circus skills session will encourage communication and create a positive atmosphere.

  • Drop in, but with instructional demonstration at the start. Participants then try different circus skills as they please. This is great for schools and youth groups.

  • Custom circus workshops. You have an idea and we will work with it.

A Circus Kaput Circus Skills workshop can be organized in a way that is best suited to your event. For example you may wish to have a structured circus skills workshop spending allocated time working on particular circus skills and swapping around spending 30 minutes on each skill. You may try a less structured approach and students can try skills as they please, trying what they want, when they want. You could even do a long term artist in residency, culminating in a show!

Girls spinning plates st louis kids workshop

Skills taught in our circus skills workshops are:

Ball, Club and Ring Juggling, Flower Sticks, Hula Hoop, Diabolo/Chinese Yoyo, Plate Spinning, Object Balancing(on hand, chin, nose and head), Hat Manipulation, Box Manipulation, Low Stiltwalking, Unicycling, Poi and more.

Not all skills are taught in all sessions...although they can be!

Jumpin' Joe teaching at a circus workshop st louis

For circus workshops in an organized/controlled environment  we always give a detailed and fun demonstration of all the skills being taught as well as on going teaching throughout the session.

If your event is a big one, we can supply multiple circus skills instructors or performers.

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