'Mazing Matthias

Amazing skills you won’t soon forget!

A Mazing Matthias show includes a toilet paper trick that will tickle your funny bone, juggling with a bowling ball, and even eight ball juggling! Matthias’s circus skills and magic ability is out of this world. Unicycle tricks included if space is available. Great for kids and teens.

Imagine learning to ride a unicycle before you can ride a bike! That's just one fun fact about 'Mazing Matthias. He grew up in a circus family with eleven brothers and sisters, and he can do every aspect of circus!Juggling, unicycle, acrobatics and tumbling are just a few of his best skills. His show is an unforgettable mix of magic and stunts, so have your camera ready! In addition, he's a Circus Arts Instructor. When teaching, he will make spinning a plate or juggling so easy anyone can get it. Join 'Mazing Matthias for a circus experience you will never forget!

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