Character Education

Say No To Drugs! Say Yes To Dreams!

Are you looking to educate your students about the dangers of drugs in a way that they won't forget? 

This show features valuable tools and easy to grasp metaphors that students will be able to comprehend and retain long after the presentation has ended.

Through Oh My Gosh Josh's true life stories,  amazing magic and stunning stunts the audience will see that drugs, tobacco and alcohol lead away from a life of success and happiness.

The Character Circus

A lively fable is told using circus stunts and audience participation to reinforce the standard concepts of good character - Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship

The Cowboys Of Character               

Tex and Slim have a comedic cyclone of good time teaching kids all about what it means to treat each other with respect. With cowboy stunts and amazing banter these two cowpokes will have the kids ready to "Share And Be Fair", the cowboy way!

Sammy J and the Balloonatic Games!

Kids will learn about fairness when playing games and sports through skits, contests, sing-a-longs and a hilarious duck race that has to be seen to be believed. Tons of audience voluneers will take part in the fun through hands-on involvement, lessons are taught through contests, teamwork and playing with balloons.

Vanish The Bully

In this show, hilarious magic will capture the attention of the audience, but the greatest trick that they will see and learn, is the one to vanish the bully in their school.

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